Christopher Moore



13 Responses to Christopher Moore

  1. amber says:

    While still a fan of books, I must admit I downloaded Bite Me onto my iPod…and read it in between playing games of “wheels on the bus” with my toddler.

    One activity was infinitely more interesting than the other. I’ll let you guess which one.

  2. Freehawk says:

    Good interview with a great writer.

  3. melina says:

    Christopher Moore is the best thing since TP and sliced bread. I love you funny Authorguy! Wish I could bump into you on the train.

  4. Carol Bender says:

    Thanks – even your interviews are extraordinarily cool! Is that a real word?

  5. He’s right! Lamb is his best to date! I’ve never read anything as many times. It get’s better each time.

  6. Craig Hacker says:

    Goddamn it Christopher Moore. I fucking love you. You, Vonnegut and Palahniuk are three of the brightest men to ever walk the earth. To this day A Dirty Job stays the most meaningful book I’ve ever read. Never stop.


  7. Kristine in Sac says:

    Hey do you know if X is single?

  8. Kristen Burton says:

    I adore Christopher Moore. His work is one of the few things over which my brother and I can bond. (My brother loaned me Coyote Blue many years ago, and we’ve been sending each other Moore books ever since.) I agree that Lamb is his best work. Reading his stuff is a bittersweet experience for me though, because it makes me despair of ever being a writer. Anything I could possibly convey, he’s already stated to better comic effect or with greater pathos.

  9. kvwordsmith says:

    Thank you, for all the crazy characters and great dialog and zingers – riding with Christopher Moore is always a good trip!

  10. MWFarkas says:

    My husband-and-best-friend, Jim, and I have read all of your books.
    He first found “Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove” at the public library. That hooked us up.
    I saw you at Books, Inc. in Alameda a few years back. You wrote, “Brains! Jim!” in ‘The Stupidest Angel’ which was his Christmas present that year.
    Two years ago Jim survived a series of four strokes.
    So, “Brains! Jim!” has helped keep him moving forward towards recovery.
    Thank you for many happy hours, reading aloud to each other, and sharing your books with our little world.

  11. enfpwoman says:

    Hi Christopher…
    Love your writing for its crazy lovable despicable humanity. I see nasty and nice bits of everyone I know (and a few politicians!) in your characters. I especially love the emperor of SF for his true heroism and sense of mission…. what a guy! Keep on doing your magic mister writer… ’cause what you do connects us all.

  12. Angie Halverson says:

    I agree that digital books are “what’s next” in the digital evolution, however, I believe that true fans of literature will not allow books to become a thing of the past. Just because a person reads books or novels, it does not make them a fan of literature.

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