I’ll have the Remembrance with a Side of Animation (TOGO)

I was talking to an old friend yesterday about artistic projects, actually I talked to several friends about this subject, but we will stick to this one instance for now… Anyway, we were talking about how hard it is to launch multiple tier projects- that is, any project with  creative teams- writing, illustration, inking and so forth. The amount of time it takes to get anything done is staggering. As we were talking about this we came  to the great question, one that has almost mystical implications for anyone who creates.  “At what point do you show the world?”.   For some projects you have to wait until everything is 100 % perfect, while I agree in some ways- for instance- NEVER TALK ABOUT A STORY YOU ARE WRITING- EVER…I can’t stress that enough,

But other than keeping your mouth shut while writing, what about other types of projects ? I  got my start writing for the theatre where you pretty much bring people along at the end of  the first draft, which is also the point you bring in the audience to observe a staged reading.  followed immediately by a question and answer period. Which, by the way, is the most traumatic moment of a playwrights life. This  painful process is necessary as it  comes at a time in the existence of  the play where it is  old  enough to be on its own, yet not quite experienced enough to make a decent living.  This is  where you can see how the audience reacts to the work and what needs to be edited.  Plays have been going through this process since before Rome had stone roads.  This is involvement with the audience was one of the reasons I really enjoyed working in the theatre. In no other medium does the audience become a part of the artistic process. After a few years of writing plays I was enjoying the staged readings more than the full productions simply because I noticed that people were more thoughtful and open to something that was in progress and would readily express their opinions and ask questions without hesitation. To be fair my dialogue has always been pretty rock solid from draft one, so I don’t recommend this process for everyone, as I have seen playwrights devoured by an angry crowd for mounting a reading that was nowhere near where it should be for such a thing.

Sadly, I do not function in that world very much these days. Times have changed, the economy sucks and no one really practices the kind of theatre I write  where I am, what I getting at is this. I don’t know anything about animation, I literally just started less than three days ago. The past few nights have been filled with painfully long rendering sessions, corrupted files, and screams of agony trying to figure it out.  I spent two hours this afternoon trying to figure out why  16 seconds into the film the screen went black and the word INVALID popped up, disappearing after a few seconds.   Well, progress might be an old slow nag, but she is steady and she has carried me about a mile so far. However we are still very far from our destination, though I believe we have gone far enough to share with you the rough cut of WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE.


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