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I have been writing, editing, publishing and teaching on/off for the past 10 years. I co-founded this site with the only person on the planet that I know who has read more than I have. For the record I must say that he has only surpassed me because I lost the use of one eye about 9 years back in an accident involving WD40, a pomegranate and a drunk baboon. If not for that he would be buried in the wake of my discarded books.

And now for something completely different


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Updates and News

X and O took off to travel around the country doing interviews, so no new X and O comics, however, we will be doing lots of interviews.  LOTS,   They have met some really cool folks and will  have some … Continue reading

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Political Science for Nerds

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Issue 16- FLAME ON

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X and O 15 – Stand Down

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#14 Goatse the Lamb

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13 part 2-

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