X’s and O’s an Introduction

Welcome to X and O, a comic strip that I have been writing on and off (mostly off) for the past decade or so. But more about that in a minute- The site is divided up into a few different sections, all that under contents.

Now the pre-amble, or is it just the amble at this point, anyway… I started writing these things about 11 years ago when I was working as a chef and writing all the damn time. The glory days of ideas. I was 22, had a small apartment, my mom was living overseas (the only time in my life when she hasn’t called 8 times a day).  And I didn’t have a girlfriend. Didn’t want one either. I just cooked and wrote. It was an amazing time. I wanted to do comics but I couldn’t draw a box, seriously.. It was bad. I went down to the art supply store got a pencil set and a sketchbook. For the next few months whenever I had time I would just walk around the city and try to draw what I saw- mostly buildings. It turned out I had an o.k. grasp of perspective, but people… man.. too curvy… couldn’t do it. I realized that  if i was going to actually draw a comic it would have to be made up of mostly straight lines. Then one day a question just popped into my head. “What happens during a tic-tac toe game?”  X and O was born in an attempt to find out.  I would ramble on for awhile, but there is work to be done. Enjoy and please be patient over the next few weeks while I figure out the design of the site, it might change from day to day until I find something that sticks.

M. Tesney

X & O vs. The World © 2010 Michael Tesney. No part of this website or any of its posts may be used without the explicit consent of the author.

For info please write to XandOvsWorld@gmail.com


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