Updates and News

X and O took off to travel around the country doing interviews, so no new X and O comics, however, we will be doing lots of interviews.  LOTS,   They have met some really cool folks and will  have some major interviews coming up. So for the next couple of weeks keep your eyes on  “ON THE SUBWAY WITH…”

Updates- (6-28)

Since X and O are on the road doing interviews I have decided to create a limited run comic which , starting in July will come out twice a week (Mondays and Fridays), new interviews  will be coming out on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Weekends, and Wednesday –  you get nothing… just kidding, on W and W’s,  I will put out password protected previews for my readers, you will be able to find clues to the password in various places over the internets. You will be able to go check SURPRISE for the clues. – NONE OF THIS IS ACTIVE TILL JULY- SO…

Also,  There is a  Web Comic- Auction for the Gulf Coast starting on July 5th, I  was going to participate but I didn’t find out about it till two days before deadline.  But there are some really good artists participating, click the button to check them out.


About driftworks

I have been writing, editing, publishing and teaching on/off for the past 10 years. I co-founded this site with the only person on the planet that I know who has read more than I have. For the record I must say that he has only surpassed me because I lost the use of one eye about 9 years back in an accident involving WD40, a pomegranate and a drunk baboon. If not for that he would be buried in the wake of my discarded books.
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